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Cleaning of 30m² of graffiti 450 € /ex VAT*

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What can a Cleaning agent of the Myspecialist network do for your application for "Cleaning of 30m² of graffiti"?

With a 15 plus years of expertise in facade cleaning, we provide solutions to remove graffiti, fouling and deposits on your walls. There are several graffiti cleaning techniques, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Our experts will advise you on one of the following solutions: - With water - High pressure cleaning - Cleaning with chemicals Why is a specialist's help required? First of all to analyze your wall. He will carry out an analysis of the substrate to determine the type of method and products (alkaline or acid detergent) appropriate for your façade. When using the dry cleaning method (chemical products), product knowledge and practical experience are essential to achieve the objective of renovating your walls while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of responders. As an indication, the cleaning of 30m2 of graffiti using the chemical method is 15€/m2, or 450€ for a 30m2 facade. Benefit from the expertise of the painters and tapestry makers of the network to give your facade a new look.