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What problem are we solving ?

You tried to contact Joe the Plumber ? He didn’t answer ?

We all know that finding Joe the plumber to ask for a quote is tricky.
When you are lucky enough to find him, a series of questions arise:

When will he send me his quote ?

Is he truly reliable?

Will he meet the deadline ?

What happens if the delivery does not conform to his quote ?

What recourse do I have if the deposits I have paid are not used as intended?

Meanwhile, Joe the plumber is wondering...

Who will assist me with my quotes ?

Who will help me organize my schedule ?

Who will generate my invoices ?

Who will follow up with my non-paying customers ?

Who will take care of my accounting ?

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With this in mind, we founded the marketplace in Belgium and in Switzerland.
Our mission: to act as a trusted third party between the customer and the service provider. Our added value: to certify the connection with an excellent provider; to provide the provider with support to help him deliver an excellent service with a minimum of administrative tasks and finally to secure the money deposited following the request.

Lancelot du Bois de Nevele

Founder of

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In 2005, I founded the company Sisenior.

The company’s mission was to take care of all daily problems. A team of 140 employees is mobilized to find a solution and take care of our customers’ requests. The company has reached more than 3.000.000€ of turnover but the profitability is lacking and the business model must be rethought.

For several years, digital initiatives known as marketplaces have been emerging.

Most of them are familiar to you (,, airbnb, uber, ...) The idea came to me to create a marketplace dedicated to services.

In 2011, MYSPECIALIST SA was founded in Montreux, Switzerland.

The mission of the marketplace is to connect customers with a need with providers who can provide the appropriate solution. The total cost of the quote is deposited in a secured bank account during the work. A team of customer service and construction experts handles the administrative tasks and provides support.


We are active in Belgium and on Lake Geneva.

The services we offer...

We guarantee the reliability of the specialists in our network through a demanding recruitment process involving the validation of over 30 selection criteria.

We offer a single point of contact. Any problem can be solved on the marketplace.

We guarantee that the amounts needed to carry out the work are secured into the Myspecialist's escrow account.

We guarantee that the services are provided within a legal framework.

We provide a personalized service to each specialist to facilitate administrative, logistical, accounting and financial management.

Who is the ideal user likely to be interested in our marketplace ?

Our offer is aimed primarily at professional providers willing to improve their quality of working life. By delegating administrative, logistical, accounting and financial management, the specialist can free up more than 80% of non-productive time to focus on his passion.

The requests for contact recorded on the platform come from all walks of life. However, the most recurrent requests concern the corporate sector and more particularly all requests for renovation between 1000€ and 150,000€.

Our team

Lancelot du Bois de Nevele
Aurore De Winter
Shareholder - Manager
Dominique Fourer ITC
Quote Expert
Customer Relationship Expert
Marketing Expert
Project Manager
Staff Manager
Marketing Expert

Our ambitions in the years to come...

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