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How does it work?

As a VIP member of the Myspecialist network, you can benefit from a free service under the following conditions:

  • Send us a description and photo of the job to be done.
  • The provider is in your neighborhood.
  • He finished the job ahead of schedule.

At Myspecialist, we've digitized providers' scheduling and backlog requests. This means you'll be notified D-3 as soon as an opportunity arises for a freelancer to work near you and then to carry out your request after his or her work.

Our most popular services: heating engineer, electrician, handyman, multi-skilled worker, custom replacement of 4 accordion doors, read more.

Myspecialist makes it easy for you. Enjoy the pleasure of free service as part of our VIP network.


What is Myspecialist VIP?


1. A privileged circle

First of all, you benefit from free membership to our collaborative economy program. You'll also benefit from special discounts and exclusive offers reserved for VIP members.


2. Free services

Need to fix a small thing? As a VIP member, you benefit from a provider's expertise available for free interventions only on selected services.


3. Sponsor and win!

Share your satisfaction with friends and business contacts, and earn attractive commissions with every new referral. You will receive a personalized login to access your winnings dashboard.


Myspecialist VIP, who's it for?


Sponsor other providers and increase your income while expanding your professional network.


As a member, you'll benefit from exclusive offers, special discounts and privileged access to trusted experts.


Whether you're looking for additional income or new opportunities, our Myspecialist VIP program is designed for you.


Recommend Myspecialist to your network and benefit from exclusive advantages offered by our partners.


Become an Ambassador of our network and earn money by recommending our services.

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What Myspecialist VIP members say



Customer and member of Myspecialist VIP

I have used Myspecialist and can't help but recommend them to my network.

I opted for a Myspecialist virtual assistant who takes care of our back office in Madagascar. With Nadia's help, I can now devote myself fully to my external appointments and my customers.

It's a real time-saver! As a member of the Myspecialist VIP program, my requests are given priority, and I've even benefited from free interventions.

What's more, thanks to Myspecialist's collaborative economy program, I earn 30% commission every time my referrals sign a quote. I'm really pleased to be part of this VIP program and all the benefits it offers.


Need to fix something?

As a member of MYSPECIALIST VIP, you can benefit from free interventions and many other advantages!

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