For each independent put online on our network, we check the registration at the carrefour bank, the subscription to a liability insurance and the general conditions.

Each independent is met personally by our founder and we give you access to the history of his notoriety through testimonials.

The testimonials are certified; a testimonial can only be given after an actual service has been provided.

To provide you with the best user experience, Myspecialist protects your money and your services with our MYPROTECT warranty.

Your money is protected until the services are fully delivered.

You will be put in touch with an approved and reliable service provider.

A helpdesk that will follow your request throughout the work process.

Therefore, commits to fully refund the user under the following cumulative conditions :

The user has registered a quote request through the platform

The user has received the quote from the service provider via the platform. A quote sent from the platform is identified by :

  • the sending email address is
  • contains a button to validate the quote which sends back to the platform
  • an invitation to deposit the total amount of the quote on the deposit account

The user has accepted the quote from the service provider

Only the services described in the estimate are protected. However, new services can be evaluated and added to the estimate with the signature of both parties on the estimate.

At's request, the user shall provide the documents necessary to clarify the operation (estimates, receipts, correspondence, etc.) and shall grant the service provider an additional period of time to deliver the service in accordance with the description in the estimate.

Within 1 to 10 days of the date of delivery of the Service, User shall provide MYSPECIALIST with a description of the delivery defect as well as photos describing the situation before the start of the Service and after delivery.

The user shall assign in writing to his claims against the service provider for the disputed purchase

Each user can only use the guarantee three times. has the right to exclude a user if he/she makes improper use of the MYPROTECT warranty.


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