Our mission

Looking for an independent certified 5 stars by the user community and want to book it as you book a air ticket?

For jobs requiring manual skills, you will find on MYSPECIALIST.BE qualified independent in electricity, plumbing, masonry, painting, carpentry, gardening, window cleaning, handyman, maid, drive,…

Our values


All our testimonies are certified. Only customers who were served can testify. The Independent has the opportunity to reply to testimony that was posted so you can appreciate all the elements that make an evaluation.


Our selection and charter to which each independent agrees guarantee you a total commitment of independents of our network until your total satisfaction.


MYSPECIALIST.BE puts a honor point that independent and procedures announced on the site is reliable and respected to the letter.

Our innovation

Using all the latest technologies to optimize the relation with your needs and the best service provider

Social impact

MYSPECIALIST.BE facilitate the independent status commissioning by increasing substantially the independent client portfolio. Then we enable to the highly qualified independent to rapidly increase their notoriety.

Environmental impact

Our service providers are geolocalised. Don’t paid for freight charges if you organize an intervention when they are near your home.