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From another point of view...

A few years ago, I started to see. Ho, I have always been able to see but then I started to see the world differently. To look.

As a photographer, you run around with sophisticated cameras.
The best I have and will always have are my two eyes and my heart.

Fascinated by Human Beings, my carrier has followed that line of conduct. First as educator and then as HR Manager, I have plenty of useful experiences.Those have helped me to build day after day my way of photography. 
Take time, observe, learn, take risks, build relationships, open my heart, ...

I work as a photographer to deliver images, photographies, memories that look like you, like who you really are. More, I love to tell that story about the moment you offered me to photograph.

​ Telling stories with images is just a great way to make sure to leave a lifelong trace in our world. Ad vitam.

2 reviews
  • Reviewed by
    G. Barbara

    Julie combines in a wonderful way the skills of a perfect professional photographer with a holistic (efficient and focused but at the same time open, emotional and flexible) approach. Her way of taking photos not with the camera only leads to authentic results that tell a real story! Even with clients who are difficult to shoot :-)

    (Posted on 14 February, 2017 )
  • Reviewed by
    D. Wi+h Sense Christelle Vial et Jacques Torrione

    Julie est une photographe à qui nous aimons faire appel dans le cadre de notre communication. Elle accomplit pour Design With Sense des photos d'aménagements intérieurs, des portraits ou encore immortalisent des moments forts de nos activités. Son travail est d'une rare sensibilité. Elle est très à l'écoute de nos besoins, de nos attentes et particulièrement proactive quand il s'agit d'innover. Elle recherche toujours ce qui est le plus pertinent, en restant d'une grande discrétion. Nous avons une confiance sans mesure dans la qualité de ses photos et continuerons à l'associer à nos projets pour qu'elle en accentue le sens.

    (Posted on 13 February, 2017 )
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